Animal Healing Seminar

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Animal Healing & Communication

Duration: 1 Day Seminar £125  2 Days Certified Animal Practitioner Training £275

This is the definitive seminar on healing animals. The most dominant animal throughout the world is the human species, but are we so different from other animals? What is in your DNA that is working for you instinctualy?

Go on a journey with Kimberley and explore animal instincts that are within the human body. Learn how to communicate telepathically with animals, heal our brothers and sisters from the animal kingdom and get a deeper understanding of the inner world inside the divine human body.

Prerequisites: 1 Day Seminar – open to all, No Prerequisites!

2 Day Practitioner Training; Basic DNA, Advanced DNA

Here’s what You’ll Learn;

  • What Is Animal Instinct
  • How Animals Communicate
  • How to Perform Intuitive Body Scans On Animals and Their Owners
  • Theta Healing Belief and Feeling Work With Animals
  • Simple Processes to Enhance your Animal Communication Skills
  • Healing Animals and Their Owners
  • How To Retrieve Ancestral DNA Through Working with Crystal Grids

Investment: £275    Deposit: £95 Balance due 14 days prior to course or Please ask for Instalment Plan


4/5 March 2016 Edinburgh

16/17 April 2016 Turkey

17/18/June 2016 Cyprus

Bournemouth TBA

London TBA


Investment: £275   Book with £95 Deposit

   Balance due 14 days before class.


Bournemouth 2016 Dates TBA   (Visit to The New Forest Ponies)

Animal Healing Stories

Coco My  Cat

The kittens were playing in the garden, jumping about and leaping on one another as usual playing hide and seek in the flowers.  Coco started coughing and gagging and didn’t stop.   I rushed to pick him up, open his mouth, couldn’t see anything.  He coughed and gagged for a day. I phoned the vets, took him in and they said there was nothing wrong. They gave him antihistamine in case he’d swallowed a bee. I phone them later in emergency as he was still gagging and still wasn’t eating or drinking. They told me it was the antihistamine and normal reaction. They clearly thought I was neurotic.  Poor guy kept pushing his head forward. I knew there was something in his throat!  I took him to another vet the next morning who saw him as emergency. They kept him in, gave him sedative and looked down his throat and found a five inch blade of flower leaf.  It had been down his throat and up his nose.  Once removed he was able to eat and drink again. ~ Kimberley

A Waggy Dog Tale

I’m a 9 years old Border Collie rescued from Wales.  When I came to live with my new family nearly two and half years ago, I didn’t like water, it was no fun and swimming – too frightened to think about it, let alone do it! During this hot  summer the people I live with, Stephen and Rosemary, wanted to help me stay cool and Rosemary mentioned to Kim one day that I was not even prepared to put my paws in the river.  Kim suggested that Rosemary use Theta Healing with me and talk me through and clear my fear of drowning and water and teach me to swim. So the next time that I went down to the river with Stephen I rolled my beloved ball down the riverbank and then chased it into the water – wasn’t I brave! Only got wet up to the bottom of my neck! Then something even more  waggy-tailed and wonderful happened – after another chat, I knew that it was safe to swim, I could do it automatically without thinking, that I could paddle my feet and float, that the water would hold me up (!) and I wouldn’t sink or drown.  Best of all my body loves swimming and it is fun and cool!

My doggy brain does not really understand how all of this came about but Rosemary had learnt about something called Theta Healing from Kimberley and it got rid of all of the fears round water and gave me the confidence to let them go and then enjoy myself – Stephen gets a hurt look if we don’t go down to the river daily!  ~Rosemary and Tom (the  Collie)