Health, Wealth, Happiness

Love, Money, Magic and Miracles

Transform Your Life with Theta Healing®

28th September 2015

St Ambrose Church Hall, Bournemouth 7.30pm-9.30pm

Would you like to experience more love, joy, happiness and peace in your life?

Are you ready to receive more love, money, magic, abundance and miracles?

To create the life of your dreams?

Join Kimberley for this transformational evening where she will be sharing this powerful healing modality. She will be helping you to transform limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, clearing root issues of stress, anxiety, depression. You’ll discover the foundational principles of Theta Healing and how Theta Healing can help you transform all areas of your life.

Connect with Divine Source Energy, healing, clearing and releasing old, dense energies that no longer serve you. You’ll experience a guided meditation to open your heart to receive, as you release limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, reprogramme your unconscious mind and raise your vibrational frequency so that you can live a life of love, joy, abundance, magic and miracles.

You’ll learn more about the nature of illness and dis-ease and how you create greater health and wellbeing. You’ll learn how to harness the power of your mind and tap into your connection with source and be given the opportunity to heal yourself of any challenge or issue in your life. You’ll learn how to open to receive healing wisdom and personal guidance in all areas of your life and how to manifest your hearts desires and dreams using Theta Healing.

You’ll be clearing;

· Pain, Shock and Trauma

· Others Energy that doesn’t belong to you

· Oath’s Vows, that no longer serve you

Here are some of the common limiting beliefs we’ll be changing to empowering ones:

· I’m alone

· I’m unloved

· I’m unsupported


You’ll learn how to live without

· Stress

· Anxiety

· Depression

Discover how you can become a healer and channel for yourself and others, as you connect with source and awaken to the Divine Power within you.

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