Theta Healing MastersKimberley Lovell is a Certificate of Science, Master Theta Healer & Instructor and offers Theta Healing Sessions worldwide via phone/skype.

Intuitive Coaching/Healing

Illness, Dis-Ease, Health & Wellbeing

Theta Healing works in a holistic way addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.  Did you know that 80% of illness and dis-ease is manifested or has stress as a contributory factor?  With Intuitive Healing and Theta we clear beliefs, energies, emotions, and use instant healing, working with all aspects of the mind, body, spirit and with source to heal.  Please note as a medical intuitive I do not diagnose illness or dis-ease, I do however work with it and whilst I cannot guarantee results, many of my clients have healed and received excellent results.  Feel free to read the testimonials page.

Manifesting & Abundance Coaching

Do you feel like something is stopping you from living your dreams?  Are you experiencing money blocks? Are you struggling to find the joy in your life?  Manifesting and Abundance coaching includes a specific questionnaire to check over 100 beliefs to clear and to download you with the beliefs and feelings so that you can live  a life of joy, abundance and live your dreams.

Soul Mate Theta Coaching

Would you like to create a deep, lasting fulfilling relationship with a soul mate?  Would you like to deepen and strengthen your existing relationship.  Soul Mate coaching will help you to transform your relationship with yourself, clear limiting beliefs and relationships patterns, so that you fall truly, madly, deeply  in love with yourself and create the relationship of your dreams.  This coaching is ideal for both singles and couples whether currently in relationship or not.


Intuitive Business Coaching (Bespoke Coaching Programmes)

Did you know that your business is an extension of your personal energy?  Your personal blocks and limiting beliefs can and will show up in your business by way of challenges.  Would you like to clear limiting beliefs around business, money, success, competition, collaboration, to transform your fortunes in business, so that you can get paid what you’re worth doing what you love?  Are you truly ready now to create the life and business of your dreams?  If you’re not yet 100% living your dreams, this coaching programme will support you in clearing your blocks and manifesting your dream life, dream business.


Body Love Coaching TM  – Weight Release,  Self Image

Would you like to know how to create a body you love, to transform and release all that no longer serves you and your body? To release weight, without having to find it again? To improve your health and fitness? To feel more at ease in your body and with your body as you tap into your body wisdom and discover the perfect body for you?


Clear Lifetimes of Energy and Issues at a Fraction of The Price of Regular Therapy!   Allow your unconscious mind to be coached and watch your blocks disappear!

Your Mind Can Be Your Prison or Your Palace – You Decide.


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All Sessions are carried out via Skype, Zoom or Phone

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NB: Please note as a medical intuitive I do not diagnose illness or dis-ease. Theta Healing does not take the place of medical treatment but can be used alongside it.  I encourage you to see your doctor over any physical ailments.


Incredibly Fast In Releasing Old Patterns! Kim Plays A Vital Role In My Own Work

I have found Theta Healing to be incredibly fast in releasing old patterns. These old thought forms or ways of be-ing can be from now, or past lives or old beliefs handed down genetically.   Kim can release these through fast and (seemingly) simple ways, AND it all works even via a Skype call. As we resolve more in our current lifetime often than several before this means we not only help ourselves but all those around us and Mother Earth to help raise awareness and planetary consciousness.  Kim plays a vital role to assist me in my own work.  Try it – you will be amazed!

Nina Dungey – Intuitive, Psychic, Healer and Holistic Therapy Trainer


After just one session with Kimberley I was able to clear limiting beliefs that I have had for a lifetime. I recognized how I had been holding back in my business because of those beliefs. Kimberley not only helped me design an action plan that allows me to expand the reach I want to have in the world, but she gave me immediate results and tools to implement! If you feel stuck in your business and you aren’t sure what to do next, I highly recommend working with Kimberley to create the legacy you know you are meant to live.  She really is a brilliant and gifted guide to living a life I love!!

Marilyn Sorensen. Hand Analyst, USA. –

“I’m Finally Ready To Let Love In!”

Working with Kimberly has been nothing short of transformational. I was carrying around so much guilt, anger and pain from previous relationships which was stopping me from truly moving forward and I didn’t even realize it.

Kimberley’s intuition is amazing! Her gift allows her to zone straight in on the core issues and really bring up a lot of stuff that’s deep rooted on a subconscious level. Since working with Kimberley, I’ve managed to let go of a lot of deep-seated painful unconscious feelings and beliefs and truly move forward. As a result, I’m experiencing a deeper level of connection and communication in my relationships. Furthermore, I am now able to express myself in both my personal and business life in a more confident, self assured way. I’m finally ready to let love in!

Amanda B Stephen, Business Success Coach  UK  –

” Happy, Peaceful and Loving My Life,You’re A True Inspiration and An Angel”
“I have just received an amazing healing session with Kimberley. It was surprising just how intuitive and accurate she was and how many past lives I had that were having such an impact on my thoughts, feelings and actions in this life. At first it seemed all so simple and was questioning if anything was changing and through the testing we did it obviously was and I must say I am feeling a lot lighter and a clearing in my solar plexus. It was so easy to be able to do it over skype without having to travel to her home which for me would have been a good 200 mile roundtrip. I highly recommend anyone to have a session with Kimberley if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life. Kimberley is a warm, loving and intuitive soul who wants to help others. Thank you so much for today and look forward to allowing the new me to shine through!  UPDATE:   I must say I have not felt this way for such a long time. I am happy, peaceful and loving my life.  You are a true inspiration and an Angel!Christina Young, Relationship Coach  –

Depression, Chronic Fatigue and Diabetes

Times have been tough over the past few years and had left me with depression, chronic fatigue and diabetes. I felt so hopeless and didn’t believe anyone or anything could help me. After having two sessions of Theta healing I have cleared so many of my issues that finally I can see a way forward. The sessions were done using Skype which meant I did not have to worry about getting anywhere on time plus I felt comfortable and relaxed in my own home. I now feel motivated, have more energy and a more positive outlook on life.

Penny Edwards – Therapist/Tutor

Karie Millspaugh1I received $14,596 within a month!

Literally 3 days after my session with Kimberley- on blocks around receiving money and subconscious beliefs surrounding self worth and struggle when it came to money… I received a check in the mail for $1446.00.  The source was clearly unexpected, it was from a past mortgage settlement that I shared with my ex husband from 7 years prior.

I have a job with a corporation in sales… I had a dry spell where I hadn’t made a franchise sale for 9 months.  Prior to that I was consisting selling/closing every other month… After my session with Kimberley, I have closed 3 franchise deals within 6 weeks!  Totaling $13,500 in commission!  9 month dry spell is OVER!

This all happened within a month after my coaching session with her and uncovering some nasty… old belief patterns of low self worth and feeling that money should come to me with grief and lots of struggle.  It’s a relief as I build my own business that I won’t have these same limiting beliefs surrounding prosperity as I plan to go big with my business…or go home!

Thank you Kimberley!Xoxox

Karie Millspaugh, Abundance Coach –, Las Vegas

My Breast Lump Vanished!

Kim contacted me earlier this year to see if I was interested in doing Theta work and just before I went on holiday in September we put dates in the diary for the Basic Course.  Another date in the diary for just after my return from holiday was a routine mammogram screening which I duly attended.  The day before the start of my basic course I was recalled to hospital with concern over an area in one of my breasts. Instinctively I put a date in the diary to attend hospital the day after my course finished. Over the course of  Basic Theta Kim and I did a lot of clearing work including both the mammogram areas and ancestral clearing as close relations had had  cancer (we also cleared all fear round this subject, that is learning how to live without it)  and I also learnt how to imagine myself as whole and healed as part of the course –Theta showed and taught me how “miracles” can and do happen as in less than a week, the hospital staff could find no trace of anything untoward after thorough examinations!! Theta, both Basic and Advanced is mind blowing in concept and reality. Working with Kim is always a privilege and it is inspirational watching not only her empathetic professionalism but much more in her caring attitude, her very deep knowledge of whatever she is teaching/practicing with the greatest love for the highest good of all concerned whether you are working alone with her or as a group – sometimes many tears, but also much fun laughter and joy as well. If you think it is right for you, don’t hesitate to sign up.

Rosemary Buck, Dorset

Vision, Clarity & Focus, Boundaries and Trust Improved Dramatically.

My eyesight (clarity and focus) in general has improved dramatically. One of the deepest parts of our work together is that I can now see, very clearly the deep schism that used to exist between my mind and heart, my plans and goals and my behaviors, my inside world and outside world, and myself and the outside world.

The boundaries in every area of my life have been completely redefined, most of my boundary issues related to trust issues. While I certainly had trust issues with authority figures, the trust issues I had with myself were far more problematic as it related to my self-esteem, self-love, and moving forward.

Thank you so much I am very grateful for your uncanny intuition, persistence, and loving presence.

Mike Brockman, USA

Dream Home Manifested in a month

“Hi Kimberley, I just wanted to give you a quick update. Since my Theta session we have had an offer accepted on the property we were looking at and the sale is moving forward. We can make our dream a reality. I feel so thankful that I had that session when I did.  It has made such a difference in many ways.  Thank you so much for your part in creating it.”

Sue Knight, Healer, Somerset

Money and Self Worth Issues
Kimberley helped shift some deep unconscious beliefs around money and my self-worth.  I felt confident to significantly increase my prices the next day and my website has been updated.  I have since been challenged by a few people on my prices but I have stayed firm!  Thanks Kimberley for all your support and love.

Sonraya Grace, Intuitive Healer, Bournemouth


“Just had a Theta Healing Session.  What a wonderful experience with Kimberley, she knows exactly where to go to rapidly unblock your hidden issues from the past and past lives. Her gentle voice just flows and encourages the natural healing process to happen. I was left feeling positive, free, the burden lifted. If you’re feeling stuck, blocked or held back in some way, I highly recommend you experience Kimberley’s amazing theta healing work.”

Vivienne King, Clairvoyant, Bournemouth