Theta Healing® testimonials from clients and students from our courses and Theta Healing® Sessions

 Client Testimonials


“Just had a Theta Healing Session. What a wonderful experience with Kimberley, she knows exactly where to go to rapidly unblock your hidden issues from the past and past lives. Her gentle voice just flows and encourages the natural healing process to happen. I was left feeling positive, free, the burden lifted. If you’re feeling stuck, blocked or held back in some way, I highly recommend you experience Kimberley’s amazing theta healing work.”

Vivienne King, Clairvoyant, Bournemouth



After just one session with Kimberley I was able to clear limiting beliefs that I have had for a lifetime. I recognized how I had been holding back in my business because of those beliefs. Kimberley not only helped me design an action plan that allows me to expand the reach I want to have in the world, but she gave me immediate results and tools to implement! If you feel stuck in your business and you aren’t sure what to do next, I highly recommend working with Kimberley to create the legacy you know you are meant to live.  She really is a brilliant and gifted guide to living a life I love!!

Marilyn Sorensen. Hand Analyst, USA. –  MarilynKnows.com

“I’m Finally Ready To Let Love In!”

Working with Kimberly has been nothing short of transformational. I was carrying around so much guilt, anger and pain from previous relationships which was stopping me from truly moving forward and I didn’t even realize it.

Kimberley’s intuition is amazing! Her gift allows her to zone straight in on the core issues and really bring up a lot of stuff that’s deep rooted on a subconscious level. Since working with Kimberley, I’ve managed to let go of a lot of deep-seated painful unconscious feelings and beliefs and truly move forward. As a result, I’m experiencing a deeper level of connection and communication in my relationships. Furthermore, I am now able to express myself in both my personal and business life in a more confident, self assured way. I’m finally ready to let love in!

Amanda B Stephen, Business Success Coach  UK  – AmandabStephen.com

” I have just received an amazing healing session with Kimberley. It was surprising just how intuitive and accurate she was and how many past lives I had that were having such an impact on my thoughts, feelings and actions in this life. At first it seemed all so simple and was questioning if anything was changing and through the testing we did it obviously was and I must say I am feeling a lot lighter and a clearing in my solar plexus. It was so easy to be able to do it over skype without having to travel to her home which for me would have been a good 200 mile roundtrip. I highly recommend anyone to have a session with Kimberley if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life. Kimberley is a warm, loving and intuitive soul who wants to help others. Thank you so much for today and look forward to allowing the new me to shine through!  UPDATE:   I must say I have not felt this way for such a long time. I am happy, peaceful and loving my life.  You are a true inspiration and an Angel!

Christina Young, Relationship Coach  – ChristinaYoung.co.uk

Times have been tough over the past few years and had left me with depression, chronic fatigue and diabetes. I felt so hopeless and didn’t believe anyone or anything could help me. After having two sessions of Theta healing I have cleared so many of my issues that finally I can see a way forward. The sessions were done using Skype which meant I did not have to worry about getting anywhere on time plus I felt comfortable and relaxed in my own home. I now feel motivated, have more energy and a more positive outlook on life.

Penny Edwards – Therapist/Tutor  PennyEdwards.co.uk

Karie Millspaugh1I received $14,596 within a month!

Literally 3 days after my session with Kimberley- on blocks around receiving money and subconscious beliefs surrounding self worth and struggle when it came to money… I received a check in the mail for $1446.00.  The source was clearly unexpected, it was from a past mortgage settlement that I shared with my ex husband from 7 years prior.

I have a job with a corporation in sales… I had a dry spell where I hadn’t made a franchise sale for 9 months.  Prior to that I was consisting selling/closing every other month… After my session with Kimberley, I have closed 3 franchise deals within 6 weeks!  Totaling $13,500 in commission!  9 month dry spell is OVER!

This all happened within a month after my coaching session with her and uncovering some nasty… old belief patterns of low self worth and feeling that money should come to me with grief and lots of struggle.  It’s a relief as I build my own business that I won’t have these same limiting beliefs surrounding prosperity as I plan to go big with my business…or go home!

Thank you Kimberley!Xoxox

Karie Millspaugh, Abundance Coach –  kariemillspaugh.com

Miracles Can And Do Happen! My Breast Lump Vanished In A Week!

Kim contacted me earlier this year to see if I was interested in doing Theta work and just before I went on holiday in September we put dates in the diary for the Basic Course.  Another date in the diary for just after my return from holiday was a routine mammogram screening which I duly attended.  The day before the start of my basic course I was recalled to hospital with concern over an area in one of my breasts. Instinctively I put a date in the diary to attend hospital the day after my course finished. Over the course of  Basic Theta Kim and I did a lot of clearing work including both the mammogram areas and ancestral clearing as close relations had had  cancer (we also cleared all fear round this subject, that is learning how to live without it)  and I also learnt how to imagine myself as whole and healed as part of the course –Theta showed and taught me how “miracles” can and do happen as in less than a week, the hospital staff could find no trace of anything untoward after thorough examinations!! Theta, both Basic and Advanced is mind blowing in concept and reality. Working with Kim is always a privilege and it is inspirational watching not only her empathetic professionalism but much more in her caring attitude, her very deep knowledge of whatever she is teaching/practicing with the greatest love for the highest good of all concerned whether you are working alone with her or as a group – sometimes many tears, but also much fun laughter and joy as well. If you think it is right for you, don’t hesitate to sign up.

Rosemary Buck, Dorset



Course Testimonials


Dear Kimberley, I really appreciated to do the course Rhythm To Your Perfect Weight with you, I could see many different aspects of myself and I think I learned so much in this two days course.  You are a wonderful teacher and it is clear that you are very committed to offer the best to each and every one of your students. Thank you so much.   Amparo Lopez Gorbe, Spain




“This course has given me insight in all areas of my life, transformed limiting beliefs, energies and given me a direction for the future, transforming my past, present and future. It’s amazing.” Jo Fitzjohn, Weston Super Mare

Advanced Theta Healing Class October 2013

 Pippa Certified


Wendy Certified 1

I have just completed the three day advanced theta training with Kimberley. Having done the basic course many months ago, it felt wonderful to reconnect with The Creator of All that is under the wonderful guidance of Kimberley. She taught with love and openness and helped us to clear any blocks within ourselves as and when they arose, ensuring that we all had the time and space that we needed.

Stella Byrne, Acupuncturist, Theta Healing Practitioner Bournemouth


“Kimberley’s Basic Theta Training course was absolutely fantastic. It brought together many aspects of personal and business issues and ways of eliminating blocks for good.

This course is definitely a fast track to bringing a heightened universal power into your work and life.

I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to bring healing into their work or finally get that business breakthrough they’ve been wanting”.

Wendy Howard, Cambridgeshire www.spiritofvenus.co.uk


Hi Kimberley, I would like to thank you for making the wonderful theta healing course such a great experience for me. I’ve had huge shifts since doing the course & I am looking forward to doing the advanced. You have amazing intuition & are blessed with many gifts that you share whilst on the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels drawn to it, as it is such an enlightening journey: )

Sharon Henry, Scotland